All Vehicles

We serve to provide our customers with outstanding service and detailing solutions. Our auto detailing also includes restoration.

We only use the best chemicals, compounds and waxes. We restore and clean your car back to full potential. The people here at WashPlus are experts in high-quality vehicle detail. We understand that you value your investment and will treat your car with as much care as you do. Referral business is our company’s main growth – we stand behind our work and know that you will too. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and meticulous approach will keep your vehicle looking like new.

Our Process

We start by thoroughly prep washing your vehicle, removing all bugs and tar, and cleaning the undercarriage, wheels, tires and door jambs. Then we start the exterior detail by clay barring the entire vehicle; this deep cleans the paint and makes it perfectly smooth. Your paint has small pores in it much like your skin and the clay bar pulls the dirt out of those pores. Without clay barring, the longevity of the wax is compromised.

After washing, we use the best polish available  to polish out light scratches and oxidation. We apply two coats of premium wax to your vehicle, then wax the rims and dress the tires. On the interior, we thoroughly clean all the doors, dashboard, center console, and in between the seats with a safe, neutral PH all-purpose cleaner. Using compressed air we clean every crack and crevice.
The final steps include deep cleaning and conditioning the leather, shampooing and steam cleaning all the carpet and fabric, cleaning the headliner, conditioning the weather stripping, cleaning and vacuuming the trunk, and wiping down the spare tire.